Build A Community, Not Just An Economy

Originally published in Municipal World, February 2016

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I wish I’d written this but I didn’t …

Source: Build A Community, Not Just An Economy – 13 Ways

(They) have travelled all across this great country of ours, from community to community, and one thing has always stood out . . . everyone wants economic success. Why wouldn’t they? Economic success helps our communities grow and become stronger. The challenge most communities face, however, is they forget that developing their economy is virtually a fruitless effort unless they focus on building a strong community first.

Communities often work on building a business-friendly mantra and reputation. Their singular goal is to attract new business and industries, and retain current ones, through a regime of low taxes, reduced regulations, and shop-local initiatives. Those are great undertakings, but they are rarely enough to ensure enduring prosperity if that is where all the community’s efforts go. Continue reading “Build A Community, Not Just An Economy”