My 2018 Campaign

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Quick Bio: born 62 years ago in Pembroke; Ontario; an “Army Brat”; single father of one son aged 27; B.F.A. (Specialized Honours Film Production), York University 1980; established Triune Productions Inc. in 1985; moved to Oxford Mills in 2009.

Campaign Testimonials:

John Barclay is one of my choices for this year’s election. I want to see change, I want to see fresh ideas and energy in this place we call home. – Julia O’Grady

I’ve worked with John in the past, and have always found him to be a principled and community-minded person. John has the rare ability to shoot straight with people, never dodging the truth, but in a way that doesn’t shame or belittle anyone. – Darcy Burgess

John Barclay is a pillar of community action in North Grenville. In his capacity as Executive Director of the Business Improvement Area and in many other essential areas such as the Farmers’ Market and the Economic Development Advisory Committee, John has been instrumental in moving key initiatives forward, for the greater benefit of all of North Grenville. I endorse John’s candidacy fully as a candidate for the Municipal Council of North Grenville. – Paul Cormier

You would make a good Councillor for a number of reasons: you are aware of the many currents and cross currents within North Grenville; you are sensitive to the needs and hopes of many of the citizens; you are not by nature judgemental but you make decisons; and you are a good communicator. I would be happy to support you. – Bill Kilfoyle

What I’ve done:


I’ve been a small business advocate and community leader for several years and am eager to bring my leadership skills, my economic development and community development background to the position of Councillor for the Municipality of North Grenville. I was instrumental in bringing the Dandelion Festival back to Prescott & Clothier Streets in 2014. In 2016 I established the Kemptville Pop-Up Shop Program through the Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area (BIA) and was part of the volunteer team in Oxford Mills that funded and built the gazebo in Maplewood Park in 2017. These are just three of the initiatives I’ve played a leadership role in. (see my volunteer activities below)


An accomplished film/video producer, I’ve produced more than 270 corporate and educational productions since winning the Canadian Independent Short Film Showcase award in 1983.  I’ve been a champion of local small business since my involvement with the BIA starting in 2013. I’m an active member of both the North Grenville Economic Development Advisory Committee and the North Grenville Business Builders. In 2014 I was honoured to be nominated for the Bill Thake Memorial Economic Development Leadership Award. In 2016, I produced the video below for TD Graham+Associates and the Municipality of North Grenville


I’ve been a member of the Board of Directors of the 2014 Dandelion Festival, the Kemptville Farmers’ Market, the Oxford Mills Community Association, and was a founding member of both the MyView Youth Film Festival and the 1812 Grenville Militia. In 2014 I worked as the Resource Developer for the Kemptville Youth Centre and have been the Executive Director of the Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area since 2016.

Resource Developer Position is announced at the Kemptville Youth Centre’s 20th Anniversay

What I’ll do:


I’ll work hard with other Councillors and the Mayor to create the conditions for local businesses to establish themselves and to grow thereby creating meaningful local employment. I’m a champion of local small business – they create 80% of new jobs and help provide a diversified economy.


I’ll work hard to develop and leverage North Grenville’s unique assets to spur economic development in a variety of sectors including education, local food production and distribution, tourism and information technology. A community is sustained by residents working locally not just sleeping here. We will always have people who commute to other regional centres to work but we need to balance and diversify our local economy in order to maintain the small town/home town qualities we all appreciate.


I’ll work hard to improve the collaboration and cooperation between citizens, community organizations and the Municipality through better communication, coordination and customer service excellence. I’ve worked with many diverse groups in North Grenville over the past ten years and helped them focus and achieve common goals, all for the greater good. I’ve helped create events and places, like the Dandelion Festival and the Kemptville Farmers’ Market, where people can meet their neighbours to share their stories and abilities. It’s amazing what connecting people can lead to – I’ve seen wonderful ideas and new businesses come from it. Community development is the quickest route to economic development.

The Oxford Mills Community Association landscapes around the gazebo they built in Maplewood Park

Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign; for your trust and faith in me. I promise to do my best. – John Barclay

John’s Volunteer Activities

  • Director, 2014 – 2016, 2018  Kemptville Farmers’ Market
  • Director, 2009 – 2018  Oxford Mills Community Association
  • Member, 2015 – 2018  Economic Development Advisory Committee, Municipality of North Grenville
  • Director, 2014  Dandelion Festival
  • Member, 2013 – 2018  MyView Youth Film Festival Organizing Committee
  • Member, 2013 – 2016  MarketPlates Organizing Committee
  • Member, 2014 -2018  Kemptville College Renewal Task Force, Communications Sub-Committee
  • Founding Member and Private, 1812 Grenville Militia
  • Founding member and Executive Director, Triune Arts

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2018 Campaign signs were re-cycled from my 2014 Mayoralty campaign